Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Mise-en-scene DEXTER


  • He's topless whilst getting ready Puts on shoes and ties them
  • Puts on his top (looks like he's suffocating himself)
  • At the end when he walks out of his house, he is dressed in white which makes him look innocent.

  • Wakes up in bedroom
  • Shaves in bathroom
  • Cooks in kitchen
  • Flosses teeth in bathroom
  • Walks outside


  • Dark lighting in the kitchen
  • Bright in the bathroom
  • Daytime lighting at the beginning
  • Dark in the room, although it's daytime
  • Low lighting
  • Dark inside, light outside


  • Razor
  • tissue
  • meat
  • eggs
  • knife
  • orange
  • laces
  • flossing string
  • coffee maker
  • frying pan
  • scalpel


All of the things he dose is some kind of murder method.

  • Shaves his neck like he's cutting someone's throat
  • He ties his shoe laces as if he's strangling a person
  • He cuts the orange like a murderer
  • The first thing he does is kill a mosquito
  • He cleans the blood from his neck with a tissue
  • When he was putting on his shirt, he acts like he's suffocating himself
  • He uses floss to clean his teeth

Make Up:

  • His face is greasy and his lips are shiny

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